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Passion for what I do

Welcome to my universe dedicated to Neuroarchitecture and Biophilic Design! I'm Renata, a passionate interior designer in Vaud, Switzerland, and my mission is to transform spaces with purpose and harmony.

My Passion for Neuroarchitecture and Biophilic Design:

In every project, I strive to integrate the principles of Neuroarchitecture, exploring the mind-environment interaction to create spaces that promote emotional and cognitive well-being. Biophilic Design, in turn, is my constant source of inspiration, connecting indoor spaces with nature to generate balance and vitality.

Transformative Benefits:

I believe in the transformative benefits of these approaches. From improving air quality to promoting spaces that stimulate creativity and productivity, each element is designed to elevate the user experience and create truly enriching environments.

Constant Learning:

I am dedicated to continuous study and constant updates to offer the latest trends in Neuroarchitecture and Biophilic Design. My pursuit of knowledge aims not only to enhance my projects but also to establish myself as a trusted reference in the interior design community in Vaud.

Your Journey to a Transformative Space Starts Here:

By choosing my services, you are opting for more than just interior design. You are investing in an experience that integrates science, nature, and art to create a home or workspace that resonates with the essence of well-being.

Welcome to a journey where every detail is thoughtfully considered, and each project is an authentic expression of your lifestyle. I look forward to turning your vision into reality.

Renata Koglin | Interior Designer in Vaud, Switzerland.

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