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Interior design and decoration trends in 2023

Are you thinking about giving a change in the look of your home? How about using the decoration trends in 2023 for this? 

The coolest thing about bringing in new decorating trends is being able to change your home decor with current items, but this without having to make large investments or remodel the entire house.

After the Coronavirus pandemic that began in 2020 our routine has changed a lot, especially some habits at home such as home office work that has become very common, and because of this we began to value our home more, looking for ways to make it not only more beautiful, but also more comfortable and functional, and with the decoration trends 2023 you will certainly be able to bring to your home more practicality and comfort for your day to day. 

Therefore, check out the following 10 decor trends for 2023 that will help you transform your home:

1. Nature inside (Biophilic design)

Bringing nature into the home is a trend that never goes out of fashion and it continues very strongly in 2023, and this is obviously because flowers and plants are also responsible for creating a more welcoming space for residents.

Therefore, invest in potted plants and flowers to compose your decoration, another idea would be to create a beautiful vertical garden or even invest in a beautiful winter garden for a relaxing corner within your home. 

2. Mix of textures

Textures are able to bring more personality to the decoration, and next year they will be in high demand.

A good tip for mixing textures is to focus not only on a throw, but also on furniture, decorative objects, and even on items such as rugs and cushions, which can help bring this trend to your decoration in 2023.

3. Decorating with stones

Stones are also elements that are among the biggest decorating trends in 2023. They can appear from garden decoration to wall or floor covering. 

And the coolest thing about using stones in decoration is that they are very versatile, fitting easily into spaces with rustic decoration, industrial and even more sophisticated environments. 

4. Natural light

As cosier spaces are among the decoration trends in 2023, natural lighting well used is part of this package. 

Here it is worth investing in large doors and windows, but in addition, you can also use skylights and integrated spaces with balconies so that the lighting enters better into your home, by the way, remember that light colours also help in lighting the spaces, and use more delicate curtains and mirrors. 

5. Furniture with organic shapes

In 2022 they were already very successful and continue as a strong decoration trend in 2023, these are the furniture with rounded shapes.

These furniture models with a design full of curves were very successful in the 60's and 70's, but now in 2023 they come back with a contemporary touch. The furniture with rounded shapes can be used in virtually all areas of the house as the famous curved sofas in living rooms, round bedside tables for bedrooms and even charming kitchen islands with a more curvilinear design. 

6. Comfort in every detail

As we mentioned above, after the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, the trend that came to stay was for a more comfortable home, after all, we created the habit of spending much more time in it, both working and receiving friends and family for dinner, lunch or a relaxed meeting. 

With this in mind, besides the colours that provide a cosier space, also invest in furniture and decorative elements that will provide this comfort in the smallest details such as using large cushions, carpets that are pleasant to the touch, a wide armchair, among others. 

7. Sustainability

From electric cars to organic food and OEKO-TEX fabrics, we’ve all become more concerned about the environmental impact of our purchases. Overall, people are turning away from fast furniture and opting for used and vintage pieces instead.