About Renata Koglin

My name is Renata Koglin, I am the founder of Renata Koglin Interiors.

I’m married and the mother of 2 sons based here in beautiful Switzerland, I have Brazilian and Swiss nationalities. I have traveled all over the world to discover new cultures and experiences.

My background is primarily in engineering and have worked most of my career in product development and project management in different multinationals. Having always had a passion for the world of design, creation and well-being I decided to follow a Diploma course in interior design and decoration at the art school of EDL in Lausanne. Today I am realizing my dreams and ambitions by taking a new professional step.

In a constant search on how to positively impact people’s lives I decided to specialize in neuro-architecture and biophilic design. By having a deeper understanding of how different sensorial elements can impact peoples’ emotions, my goal is to bring psychological balance and harmony to transform homes and in turn lives.

Renata Koglin

Thanks to the understanding of the needs, lifestyle and expectations of my clients, I design homes to make their dreams come true and to promote their well-being on a day to day basis and in the place where we spend the majority of our time with family, friends and loved ones.

This is how Renata Koglin Interiors was created, through passion and a desire to not only improve the aesthetics of our surroundings but to enhance our well being every day. Our wish is to establish a transparent relationship with our clients and offer them all the necessary support through the different services.

Why should you choose Renata Koglin Interiors?

We have thought about the whole process from the beginning to the end in order to get the best result and satisfy our clients:

We listen to our clients and come up with well thought out solutions based on their needs, lifestyle and dreams.

We delve deeper into studies of neuroscience and biophilic design applied to architecture, to transform homes and to enhance positive emotions, happiness and well-being.

We create personalized homes, with quality and customized solutions as our first objective and priority. Our projects are delivered with the cutting edge of furniture and materials thanks to our partnership with Roberta Spotti of Living Contract, who supplies a wide range of Italian design furniture and accessories.

We make it easy for you to make your choices with 3D visualizations and realistic renderings.

We propose our services in 3 languages: English, French and Portuguese.

And finally, our customers can trust us, we have many years of experience in project management and can ensure that our projects are delivered in the best conditions, on time, without delays and with the constant support and communication that ensures an outstanding service.